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Learning, Fun and New Possibilities

Each July we bring children the magic of a two-week summer camp. Our camp helps open their imagination to new and exciting possibilities. The students, taught by our enthusiastic U.S. volunteer teachers and students, build skills in English, math, and computers. They also have plenty of time for team sports and the joy of creating art.

Camp exposes the children to new experiences, stories and songs. Our volunteers encourage the students to stretch themselves mentally, physically and socially. We also work with local high school students who assist in the classrooms and receive a stipend. All campers are fed a nutritious, hot meal each day.

Our volunteers bring with them important supplies that are not availably locally. These include interactive classroom materials, school supplies, books, computers, software, and athletic equipment. These materials are donated to local schools after camp.

Our campers are chosen by local principals and then become eligible for sponsorships for the following school year. These sponsorships cover tuition, books and school uniforms. In this way, we are able to meet the students in the summer and mentor and monitor them throughout the year.


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