This is a good story. It is wrapped in a difficult story, and it began with a tragic story. We’ll be brief, because we know you are busy.

The story just now is about a school year filled with huge challenges because of political unrest in Haiti. This unrest threatened to delay or derail education for Haiti’s most vulnerable children. But that didn’t happen. You helped it not happen.

The story begins nearly 10 years ago, which you doubtless remember, after the tragic earthquake in Haiti. You wanted to help. We all wanted to help. We had friends in the horribly hit La Valle de Jacmel area, in the mountains outside Port-au-Prince. The children were often homeless and hungry, and they desperately wanted to go to school. Together we created the Alliance for Haiti’s Children, and during this decade, worked with our friends to create programs that got those children in to school, made those schools stronger, and provided tools for learning – from computers to camp – that helped the students thrive.

And this past school year something wonderful happened. When schools were closed, food was scarce and resources threatened, things did not fall apart. The teachers and principals in the area have come together over this decade through the Alliance programs, and are now a strong community. They were able to respond to the crisis. They created programs when the schools were closed, they – with the students – planted school gardens when the schools opened, and ran the largest Genie Scholaire Contest to date, which helped nearly 1000 students prepare for exams.  In ways big and small, they made the school year a success.

So, as this school year of challenges comes to a close, we thank you. You have been concerned and generous and enthusiastic. You made the Alliance work. And you helped to change lives of children in Haiti.

See, we told you it was a good story. 

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